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Spiteri SensationsIt’s Undisputed, Regular Facials Are a Must Have!

It’s Undisputed, Regular Facials Are a Must Have!

Not only for your mental well-being, the uplifting benefits we all know of. Overall relaxation, decreasing daily stresses, anxiety & negative moods. Regular facials are the best form of anti ageing treatment available. Say’s Kerry-Marie, she goes on to describe a facial as a workout 🏋️‍♀️ for your face. As we age everything slows down & becomes sluggish, having a monthly facial is like a PT for your skin. Waking your face up, activating the slow cells & making them speed up. You follow daily exercise at home (home maintenance) however you work harder with a PT. (Your skin therapist)
Facials increase skins tone, texture & elasticity.

Now the science 🧪 bit

Hydrodermabrasion is great for all skin conditions, this machine can be made bespoke to each person’s needs. We can focus more on decongesting the skin with ultrasonic scrubber & dermabrasion devices. Or use it more for anti-ageing benefits with radio frequency & ultrasound attachments to stimulate collagen & elastin production. Helping tighten & firm the skin.


Chemical peels

Chemical peels work by using an acid to exfoliate the skin. This sounds harsh however it really isn’t. This treatment is quick & effective. A perfect lunchtime facial.Chemical peels are the only exfoliant to work on a cellular level in the skin. Meaning they penetrate deep into the epidermis.“The no peeling, peel.” The light chemical peel’s used will have minimal down time. Leaving skin visibly smoother, improved skin tone & texture.

Chemical peels are well known to help treat acneic skin & sun-damaged skin.

  • Minimise pores
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Minimise fine lines
  • Smoother, clearer, brighter skin!
Collagen Induction therapy, more commonly known as microneedling or derma rolling, this cosmetic procedure involves repeatedly puncturing the skin, causing micro wounds. The skin goes into a repair mode, healing the skin by generating new collagen & skin tissue. Treating a number of skin concerns acne scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks, wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture. Leaving skin , smoother, firmer, more toned & overall radiants.
Using this device with every treatment a cocktail of skin serums are used, bespoke to each patient’s needs from acne treatment to anti ageing.  These products can penetrate more deeply due to microneedling for more effective skin care.


A cosmetic procedure in which using a scalpel to gently glide across the skin surface, exfoliating the skin surface.
Scraping dead skin cell’s & other debris that may be making skin surface uneven. Also a popular benefit of removing unwanted vellus  hair (commonly know as “peach fuzz”).
Leaving skin more open for better product penetration.
Benefits of smoother, more even skin texture, (brilliant for make-up applications 48hours later) soften fine lines & wrinkles, decongesting skin, stimulating collagen production.

Radio frequency facial
Rescue remedy for ageing skin! Repairing & renewing. This incredible treatment restores facial contour’s, improved skin tightness & laxity, toned, firm & overall more youthful skin complexion. How does it work? Low energy radiation penetrates the skins dermis layer, stimulating collagen production in the skin.
As you can see there are many different facials & they all have a wide range of benefits. To work out what facial is best for you a book in for a consultation & skin analysis today with Kerry-Marie
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