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Spiteri SensationsBotulinum Toxin/Anti Wrinkle Is Great but….

Botulinum Toxin/Anti Wrinkle Is Great but….

We all know the amazing results that anti wrinkle delivers, by blocking the signals from the nerve to the muscle relaxing or paralysing the muscles activity. Leaving you with smoother more youthful skin. This is fantastic. However what people are not paying attention to is a vital fact. Tox won’t help with elasticity! I have good news hyaluronic acid & amino acids can! From around 25 the first signs of aging begin to appear on the skin surface. (Young I know!) fine lines & sometimes wrinkles begin to appear. Then from the age of 30 we begin to lose all the collagen & elastin supporting our skin. (Basically everything gets sluggish, slows down & doesn’t work as well as it used to) This is due to the slow down of cell turn over, meaning loss of vital COLLAGEN & ELASTIN.
Science 🧬 bit once skin booster is injected the powerful components activate fibroblasts, producing new collagen & elastin.

Skin boosters are a facial injection, giving deep essential hydration to the skin. Improving & repairing ageing skins overall elasticity & texture.

Smooth forehead, fresh, younger and vibrant skin😍
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Does this treatment hurt?
In all honesty most people don’t find this treatment painful at all. The technique varies depending on what type of skin booster is used. However it is usually delivered by injecting micro bolus drops superficially under the skin.
How long does it take?
The treatment only takes around 20-40 minutes. However depending on the type of booster used, you made need an initial 2 treatments 4 weeks apart or 1 a week for 4-6weeks.
How long does it last?
This varies from person to person, however after initial treatment usually it lasts 6-12 months.
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